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So irritated [20 Jun 2013|11:32pm]

This is basically just a rant. I was talking to my 12 year old niece and shaving came up. I showed her my hairy legs and armpits and she said that it was weird and not "girly" or "feminine" I told her that women are born to have hair in those places just like men and it doesn't make us any less girly if we don't shave. She is still convinced it's absolutely weird and kind of gross if you don't shave. For some reason this just absolutely angers me. I would be totally okay with it if she was just like "huh, okay. Well I still like the shaved feeling better but do what ever you want." I'm not upset that she shaves. I completely understand that's every ones personal choice. I'm just upset that she thinks that girls have to otherwise they are less girly. I've been going back and forth over the last few years of not shaving and then shaving for awhile because it's easier to shave then deal with my family and friends giving me funny looks but that conversation kind of made me think that I should just deal with it. Why should I do something just to please other people? Plus I kind of want to show my nieces that they have options. They'll probably think of me as the weird aunt that doesn't shave but I'm hoping that maybe if they see it often it won't be so foreign to them and even if they want to shave which is perfectly okay maybe they won't be so judgmental of other people that decide not to. I guess I want to try to normalize it around them. Maybe that's hoping for too much. I dunno. I was telling this conversation to my mom and mentioned that my sister-in-law happened to kind of stare at my hairy legs a few days ago. She didn't say anything but I did notice it. She owns a restaurant and I work for her. Anyways my mom said, "Well I'm sure its a business thing. She has to think about what the public will think of your leg hair." I almost exploded. I highly doubt my sister-in-law would say anything about it but there is a man that works in the kitchen just like me and actually prepares food. I mainly do dishes. He wears shorts everyday and doesn't shave his legs. That would definitely be my argument. I told the same story to my boyfriend and he said, "yeah but it's an image thing. If a girl doesn't shave, she's unhygienic." I am just so pissed off right now. Where the hell did this shaving thing come from? Why is it so engrained in people? Why does shaven=clean and unshaven=dirty? I do admit I like the look of shaved legs better on girls but I think that's because it's what I'm used to. But I think everyone should have a choice and not be looked down on or anything for the choice they make. How does everyone deal with the funny looks? Or the comments of not being clean? I also asked my boyfriend how he would feel if I went out in public with shorts and a tank top on without shaving and he said it would make him uncomfortable. I'm just like ugh, really? Like he'd actually be embarrassed to be seen with me. At least for awhile. That one kind of hurt.

Side note: I really want to dye my pit hair. Anyone have any rec's for dye or even the proper way to do it. Is it the same idea as dyeing your head hair?
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Mary having a shower (2013) oil painting on canvas by Fabrice MARTIN. [09 Feb 2013|10:31pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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I'm very proud of myself. [13 Jul 2012|04:56pm]

Today I went for a pedicure without having shaved my legs for months. I was a little nervous at first when the girl started putting the salts on my legs, but she never made me feel badly about it at all! There were a couple ladies who walked by me and my hairy legs and kind of stared a little, but I really feel accomplished today! I've never done anything like that.

Tell me about the first time you did something similar? Went into a situation where people were going to obviously notice your legs. Were you nervous like me?
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Bathing Suits [08 Jul 2012|02:17pm]

My old bathing suit finally bit the dust last year (elastic just isn't elastic anymore) and I've been troubled while looking around to buy a new one.

My big beef with a lot of what I am seeing is that it seems most bathing suits are cut in such a way as to demand a woman shave or wax her "bikini line" (in quotes because I think the very term is offensive and comes from a fictional understanding of female bodies). I flat-out will not change my pubic hair from its natural state, and particularly not for a garment. But, it is a kenundrum because there doesn't seem to be much else available to me that isn't also problematic in some way. There are bathing suits with skirts or short type things but they all seem to be advertised and designed as "thigh minimizing" or "slimming" and frankly that pisses me off too. My thighs and other body parts are just fine as they are, thankyouverymuch.

In general I feel happiest with my body when it is naked and this is especially true with swimwear. I feel no shame whatsoever about my hair when I'm not wearing anything. When it is peeking out of a bathing suit I don't like the way it looks. My boyfriend mentioned that he didn't find that unattractive at all, and pointed out that I may just feel this way because it is the image I have been fed all my life. He may have a good point there, but I still don't want to go out in something that makes me feel constantly unattractive. Even if I "shouldn't" feel that way, I still will, and that will ruin the day for me.

(Though clothing-optional beaches exist, if someone has a pool party or beach party or something I'm not going to not go or keep myself from swimming.)

I think my best option is to just go with something that covers my hair line in some way but that decision makes me a little uncomfortable too. It feels wrong to want to "cover up" part of myself as if it's unpleasant. I feel like I can't win here. :/

Is this something that anyone else here finds problematic? How does everyone here feel about swimwear and what kind of choices do you make because of it?
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OT, other sources? [23 Jun 2012|07:46pm]
hello all, if this is not appropriate for the group please let me know.

i personally have grown as much as i can with livejournal and am currently in the process of finding another platform to journal in. one of the things i will miss the most is the groups that i have been participating in. i am wondering has this group been recreated on a different site like dreamwidth or deadjournal or another one i haven't heard of? 

thanks for your time.
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[15 Jun 2012|03:14am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Hi! First post here and not sure it's allowed...

so I've cropped the photoCollapse )

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It's about Grooming and Cleanliness [07 Jun 2012|10:20am]

Or so this article from the ny times tells us...


Girls getting waxed for summer camp. I don't know about y'all, but all I worried about when I went camping as a teen was if that boy Clint would be there again this year and whether or not I'd get my period and have to change my pad in an outhouse.
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Good News on the Guardian [02 May 2012|06:51pm]

You can read an article on what happens when a woman stops shaving. Short answer: nothing. Which I also knew by experience ;).

My favorite partCollapse )
Do yourself a favo(u)r and skip the comments.
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At the Gay Pride [17 Apr 2012|11:34pm]

Hey !
Here is my last painting project. This painting has been made after a photo of a young girl at Paris Gay Pride. Hope you'll like it.

Fabrice MARTIN
Figurative french fine artist.

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[01 Apr 2012|07:27am]

strange experience the other day.

i was at a bit of a party in my friend's girlfriend's flat. her flatmate was there, a girl i'd spoken to briefly only once. well, most of my mates know i don't shave and they are very supportive. i was talking to someone else when i just heard my friend shout over "show her your armpits!" i looked over and he was talking to the flatmate. i sort of laughed and the girl said "it's okay i don't want to see... i saw your legs in the park earlier"

i was a bit drunk so my memory isn't the best but i think then my friend said soemthing else about it, and the girl said "i don't understand it.". well then i started having a conversation with her about it, she pulled her chair over to me so she could hear me better. she told me how she hated having hair on her body anywhere, and that she had had laser surgery, showed me her legs, areas where hair just doesn't grow back anymore.

when i told her that i thought my body hair was normal she gave me a weird look and said "normal?"

well, i suppose it isn't normal in the sense that women generally don't let it grow......

anyway we talked a bit more and she said she meant no offence and that she just wasn't used to it on women, and that it's about choice.

i sort of smiled and ended the conversation there. i don't like to impose my opinions any further than that, even though i was thinking, well is it really a choice if you've been waxing since a very young age and you have not once ever let it grow out?

not that strange an experience i suppose but i've not had anyone speak to me about it in a long time and that's the first time ever that a girl who thought it was weird had spoken to me about it.
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[10 Mar 2012|01:08pm]

Is anyone here on pinterest? Mine is here

I was thinking about making a board about hair - with photos, paintings, and quotes - and would like to add some contributors. If you are interested, please leave your email address or pinterest name. Or PM it to me. Thanks!

This is the board I made... Any suggestions for a quote or description?
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[01 Feb 2012|07:17pm]

Daniel Radcliffe says he likes women with pubic hair. Blog comments explode with women upset that he's dictating what women should do with their bodies.

And that's on a feminist media blog. Sigh...
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Hairism... cute. [13 Jan 2012|10:10pm]

A cute little rant about the on-going war against hairy people:
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Linky Links [12 Jan 2012|01:15pm]

Didn't know if this has been posted here yet, but wanted to share!!

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Great and surprising article in philadelphiaweekly.com [04 Jan 2012|08:43am]


Somebody discussing female hair in the (almost) mainstream in a positive way!
While he is clearly pro-hair, or at least pro-choice in that respect, what surprised me is that about half the people who wrote in and contributed were also, or at least supportive of the idea.
Its a good day.
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Maria or the Spanish girl sleeping(2011) [29 Dec 2011|04:43pm]

Hi there,
Here is a painting i started years ago and i finished yesterday.
When I start the painting Maria was studiying in a french university here in Paris and she accepted I paint her with her beautiful hairy armpits.
Hope you like it.
Fabrice Martin.

Maria or the Spanish girl sleeping
by ~Fabrice MARTIN on www.fabricemartin.fr
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Relationship Survey [28 Dec 2011|10:22pm]

So just out of curiosity I wanted to poll this group on their relationships pre and post naturalness.

1. How has the number of acquaintances before and after you stopped shaving changed? Please note if these acquaintances are primarily initiated by you or the other person.

2. How has the number of friends you've had before and after you stopped shaving changed? Also comment on the quality of these friendships.

3. How has the number of romantic relationships you've had before and after you stopped shaving? Also comment on the overall sexual interest that others have expressed in you.


P.S. Please respond! You'll make a bored college student on winter break very happy.
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Who likes controversy? Here is an article to stir up some opinions =) [20 Dec 2011|11:32am]


I read through the article and found it somewhat of an interesting read.  Looking forward to reading the comments!
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Okay... [15 Dec 2011|10:28pm]

Ookay, so today I paid a visit to our friendly neighbourhood gyno.  Anyway.  (and trust me, this post IS about hair...)  I've had the most wacked out menstrual cycle (if you can call it that) on the face of the planet for the past 2 years, mostly due to HBC, stress, weight loss, etc. etc.  BUT, it was starting to freak me out a bit.  So with some tests and whatnot, it looks like I could quite likely have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS).  We'll see after next week's ultrasound. 

You see, hairines is a common symptom of PCOS, and it was actually what clued my OB/GYN into this whole possibility.  She was feeling my tummy, and noticed my tiny 10-hair happy spot right below my belly button, and my itty bitty fuzzy mustache, and said "Oh yeah, that's not normal, that's hirsutism, it's probably PCOS"  She also commented on the backs of my thighs being a bit fuzzarific.  So.  I've never thought of myself as ultra-hairy, but even so, who cares, right?  I mean, I was a no-leg-shaver for years, but I've felt like it off and on over the past couple years.  My pits?  Bring on da fuzz.  So I'm not so weirded out by that as by her attitude of how 'abnormal' a bit of belly button hair is.  Is it?

How much of a mustache of happy trail do you all have?  I have to admit, the way she said it made me feel less than a woman.  And I am one.  And I like it.   Bah.  I need some encouragement, folks.

TIA!  -Sheila

x-posted to hairypits
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[24 Nov 2011|08:27pm]


I thought the people in this community might find this bit of news interesting. I'm sorry if it's been posted already, though (I only looked back so far). Thoughts?
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