Fabrice Martin (fabsand2) wrote in fuck_shaving,
Fabrice Martin

At the Gay Pride

Hey !
Here is my last painting project. This painting has been made after a photo of a young girl at Paris Gay Pride. Hope you'll like it.

Fabrice MARTIN
Figurative french fine artist.

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That's really awesome.
Thanks :)
What a wonderful image, anyway. I am captivated by the bracelet and wonder whether it's cloth or leather.
PS I'm wondering how such hair is in France now. When I was a teenager (thirty years ago, sigh) no one I knew shaved underarm in Italy.
Women in France shave their underarms now. (source: I'm French :P)
You're right most of French women shave their armpit (i'm french too :p) but i especially choose this model (i know her in real life) because she choose to say "fuck shaving!"
Fuck shaving indeed ~\o/~
The bracelet is a cloth ribbon, she likes to make her proper clothes.


April 18 2012, 05:38:05 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  April 18 2012, 05:38:27 UTC

Good that you know her and can answer even weird questions. (LOL'ed at proper translating propres - Italian and French natove speakers share the same problems in English!)
I think Italian women now shave underarm too.
Beautiful! I love how the hair is just a part of the pic and not the focus, just like it's part of life and not the be all end all. =)
This was exactly my aim not to focus on it but show that her hairyness is part of life, yes.
I love the texture of the hair on her head, really well done. Looks great.
Thanks. I'm pretty satisfied of the result too :)


April 18 2012, 20:24:27 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  April 18 2012, 20:25:10 UTC

I now checked your website and I'm so impressed by your work - especially Le ventre de Big Marie. Thank you so much for painting women as they really are. If I happen to be in Paris for a few weeks again I'll drop you a line, I would love to model for you, in case you don't mind women with chest hair (I'm 45 but I didn't change in the last ten years - except a couple of chest hair turned white).
Where are you from?
I use to see my models before painting them :p
That is beautiful!
Thanks :)