trista_zevkia (trista_zevkia) wrote in fuck_shaving,

Hi! First post here and not sure it's allowed...

I belong to this other comm porn inspiration which is very much Not Safe For Work, in case you didn't get that from the 'porn' in the title. I was thrilled to see this pic posted, of a woman with hair!

The link above should take you there, if interested, but here is a cropped, safe for work version of the top half. She does have a hairy bottom half!

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Cool! :)
She does have a hairy bottom half!
Good for her! Someone on my usual comm (see icon) just posted a friendship/ust shaving!fic.
It was hot as hell, but it kind of implied that nowadays young people(i.e., <30) shave everywhere, and especially down under.
At least it's supposed to apply to men, too, but I still find it refreshing to see someone one generation down with their natural body.
Yeah, I'm 27 and stopped shaving around when I hit 20. My generation may, as a whole, be more likely to shave everywhere, but that doesn't mean that everyone does it.
Not able to access the link :(
Sorry! Link works for me, but maybe you have to be a member of the comm? I'll try another link here, for the comm itself, and it's under 'Suck it, Monday'
Though, if you'd like some high quality porn of people who are equal partners in bed, not the women and gay trashing stuff on red tube, you might like to join.
I want to do a bbw hairy dreadhead shorty girl shoot for my own self esteem and fun soon :)
If you didn't live on the other side of the country (I checked your page), I'd offer to take those photos for you. =)