ms. sensitivepants (verviana) wrote in fuck_shaving,
ms. sensitivepants

Bathing Suits

My old bathing suit finally bit the dust last year (elastic just isn't elastic anymore) and I've been troubled while looking around to buy a new one.

My big beef with a lot of what I am seeing is that it seems most bathing suits are cut in such a way as to demand a woman shave or wax her "bikini line" (in quotes because I think the very term is offensive and comes from a fictional understanding of female bodies). I flat-out will not change my pubic hair from its natural state, and particularly not for a garment. But, it is a kenundrum because there doesn't seem to be much else available to me that isn't also problematic in some way. There are bathing suits with skirts or short type things but they all seem to be advertised and designed as "thigh minimizing" or "slimming" and frankly that pisses me off too. My thighs and other body parts are just fine as they are, thankyouverymuch.

In general I feel happiest with my body when it is naked and this is especially true with swimwear. I feel no shame whatsoever about my hair when I'm not wearing anything. When it is peeking out of a bathing suit I don't like the way it looks. My boyfriend mentioned that he didn't find that unattractive at all, and pointed out that I may just feel this way because it is the image I have been fed all my life. He may have a good point there, but I still don't want to go out in something that makes me feel constantly unattractive. Even if I "shouldn't" feel that way, I still will, and that will ruin the day for me.

(Though clothing-optional beaches exist, if someone has a pool party or beach party or something I'm not going to not go or keep myself from swimming.)

I think my best option is to just go with something that covers my hair line in some way but that decision makes me a little uncomfortable too. It feels wrong to want to "cover up" part of myself as if it's unpleasant. I feel like I can't win here. :/

Is this something that anyone else here finds problematic? How does everyone here feel about swimwear and what kind of choices do you make because of it?
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