~Castiel~ (thusbands) wrote in fuck_shaving,

So irritated

This is basically just a rant. I was talking to my 12 year old niece and shaving came up. I showed her my hairy legs and armpits and she said that it was weird and not "girly" or "feminine" I told her that women are born to have hair in those places just like men and it doesn't make us any less girly if we don't shave. She is still convinced it's absolutely weird and kind of gross if you don't shave. For some reason this just absolutely angers me. I would be totally okay with it if she was just like "huh, okay. Well I still like the shaved feeling better but do what ever you want." I'm not upset that she shaves. I completely understand that's every ones personal choice. I'm just upset that she thinks that girls have to otherwise they are less girly. I've been going back and forth over the last few years of not shaving and then shaving for awhile because it's easier to shave then deal with my family and friends giving me funny looks but that conversation kind of made me think that I should just deal with it. Why should I do something just to please other people? Plus I kind of want to show my nieces that they have options. They'll probably think of me as the weird aunt that doesn't shave but I'm hoping that maybe if they see it often it won't be so foreign to them and even if they want to shave which is perfectly okay maybe they won't be so judgmental of other people that decide not to. I guess I want to try to normalize it around them. Maybe that's hoping for too much. I dunno. I was telling this conversation to my mom and mentioned that my sister-in-law happened to kind of stare at my hairy legs a few days ago. She didn't say anything but I did notice it. She owns a restaurant and I work for her. Anyways my mom said, "Well I'm sure its a business thing. She has to think about what the public will think of your leg hair." I almost exploded. I highly doubt my sister-in-law would say anything about it but there is a man that works in the kitchen just like me and actually prepares food. I mainly do dishes. He wears shorts everyday and doesn't shave his legs. That would definitely be my argument. I told the same story to my boyfriend and he said, "yeah but it's an image thing. If a girl doesn't shave, she's unhygienic." I am just so pissed off right now. Where the hell did this shaving thing come from? Why is it so engrained in people? Why does shaven=clean and unshaven=dirty? I do admit I like the look of shaved legs better on girls but I think that's because it's what I'm used to. But I think everyone should have a choice and not be looked down on or anything for the choice they make. How does everyone deal with the funny looks? Or the comments of not being clean? I also asked my boyfriend how he would feel if I went out in public with shorts and a tank top on without shaving and he said it would make him uncomfortable. I'm just like ugh, really? Like he'd actually be embarrassed to be seen with me. At least for awhile. That one kind of hurt.

Side note: I really want to dye my pit hair. Anyone have any rec's for dye or even the proper way to do it. Is it the same idea as dyeing your head hair?
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