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it's the anti-christ.

just look at all the fun you could be having.
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fuck_shaving is a support network for women who choose not to shave any, or all, of their body.

I have always thought of this as a discussion community as well as a support network, but I'm not sure if I can accommodate both to their full extent, so I would like to solidify the role of this community as a support network.

I encourage everyone who stumbles across the community to join, as I think that having a look around and seeing other peoples' perspectives will broaden your mind.

I encourage people to write about their experiences both before they stopped shaving and after they stopped shaving.

I encourage people to ask for advice on how to discuss their decisions with their loved ones.

I encourage people to ask for advice on hair care.

I encourage people to make posts in the hope of finding the support, and strength they need to stop shaving a particular part of their body.

I encourage people to say things like "Hey, I'm from (location), anyone else here from (location)? I'd love to find some like minded people in the area."

Anybody is welcome to be a member of this community, but please remember that this is a support network, not a community for fetishists. When somebody makes a post it is not appropriate to prompt them to share pictures with you. If somebody wants to post a photo of themselves, they will.


mccunt started an intoductory post recently, so feel free to come on in and tell us about yourself! :)


Anyone with any questions may message one of the community maintainers, although hollowdoll has volunteered to be tier 1 of fuck_shaving troubleshooting. Feel free to yell at her first!

If for some reason you feel hollowdoll is being especially bitchy or you hate her for some other previously existing reason, the lovely ilikerivers is standing by as well! Message away with any concerns you have.


Thank you.

(brought to you by neptunenobody, raving lunatic).